5 Best Jane Austen Characters Of All Time!

I was recently in the mood to watch ‘Austenland’ again for the third time, and so I thought it would be fitting to write a post about Jane Austen. She will always be my favorite classical romance writer, and though not all of her novels were amazing, *cough* ‘Northanger Abbey’ *cough*, the characters Jane came up with are each unique and special in their own right. Even though there are no badly written characters in any of her stories – or in the ones I’ve read/watched anyways – I will admit to admiring some characters more than others. Continue reading


Which Character From ‘The 100’ Are You?

Since the second part of the season finale for ‘The 100’ aired a few weeks ago on the 11th, it’s only fair that you finally get to figure out which character you really are. That’s what the quiz is for. Continue reading