Hey everyone! My name is Preethi and I’m a busy high-schooler who is ready and quite eager to go to college. Amid studying for tests and writing college essays, I have to make time for myself, which includes doing things like reading, writing, and my newest addiction, watching TV shows. Those are my major hobbies; however, I partake in just a little bit of everything, including sports, fashion designing, and even knitting. My favorite hobby is napping, but I’m aware of how much time that wastes, which is part of the reason I created this site: to give myself other things to do.

Thankfully, this isn’t my first site, so I’m not a complete newbie. I won’t say I’ve mastered everything there is to know about widgets and formatting and CSS – because I haven’t even grasped the basics – but I’m here to do the best I can and please both myself and anyone who happens upon me. I do have a bad habit with websites though; I tend to eventually get bored of them and move on. ‘Swimming Through Thoughts’ is actually my 4th site, and that’s out of those that I can remember. Each time I create a website I learn new things and get to explore new ideas, until the inevitable day comes along that I get bored. Of course, I’m hoping that doesn’t happen with this site, but I can make no promises. If any of you have heard of ‘Noblebook’, “iWantsItNow’, or “Keeper’s Book Reviews’, those were all some of my previous websites, each one better than the last in my opinion. This site will be less personalized than the latter on the list, but I hope it’s an improvement.

I’m normally good at updating the site at least once a week, but since I’ve become less obsessed with reading and writing, and busier with schoolwork, I’ll probably have to come up with a new schedule. Don’t mind my absences, because I’ll always come back eventually. So anyways, more about me. I live in the good old USA, and am nowhere near ready to live on my own. I have no pets, but two great parents and a charming but annoying little brother. I’m not a very mean person (unless you’re my brother) and I love reading all your comments and knowing that I entertained someone or made their day. I have never successfully completed a diet or a New Year’s resolution. I’m deathly afraid of going to Hell, and might believe in the paranormal. My imagination is HUGE, and trust me, you don’t want to get stuck in there. Sometimes I think my soul-mate is in another dimension, just watching me; other times, I think I might end up falling in love with a vampire, werewolf, or other supernatural creature, not different from those main characters in YA novels. Basically what I’m saying is that my love life is nonexistent, and that I may be the slightest bit crazy.

I’m a total fangirl, and the only thing I love more than literature is clothes. I adore fashion, and my sense of style isn’t exactly what you’d call normal. I tend to spend at least one day a week in the mall. If you’re a fan of anything I’ve mentioned above, then I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends. My current, non-fantasy crush is Theo James, and my favorite movie, Divergent. We’ll have to see if that changes soon. Oh, and if you asked me whether I prefer books more of movies more, my answer would be the obvious choice.

I’m excited to get to know you more! Enjoy the site.


Hi everyone! You all know me as starsamaze, the blogger who now posts mainly under the section “quirks, jerks and hullaballoos” in this blog, but who am I really?  I’m just a random person who likes to blog! Other than occupying the internet to waste time, I also use it for this wonderful site! Besides blogging, I like to play tennis and the piano, read, bike, walk, go exploring, and acquire knowledge. I also like participating in active discussions about business and politics. Food is just another area which I have a good relationship with. I love EATING foods from different areas and learning about different cultures. I really don’t have a favorite movie; though my most recent flicks were Divergent and Million Dollar Arm. I’m a fan of Once Upon A Time, and I occasionally watch Revenge, but honestly, I don’t have time to watch much T.V. I read whenever I can, and I’ve picked up a few books to read over the summer. My greatest wish is to travel the world someday, and see as much as I can of it. That’s pretty much all about me! Catch you all on the blog!


Hey there! My name is Renee aka geekgirlchic1, the most recent addition to Swimming through Thoughts. Things to know about me: I love to laugh, love Doctor Who and Sherlock, and (of course) love to read. Reading is honestly one of my most favorite things to do. As a kid, I loved “silent reading time,” in class and delving into the latest installment of my favorite series. Although it’s a weird habit, I always make sure I have a book with me just in case of a long wait in line, or other delays life throws at us. Of course, reading isn’t the only thing I fill my time with. I love to bake, go shopping, play sports, and watch TV as well. I am thrilled to be a member of the blogging community at Swimming through Thoughts, and I can’t wait to start writing.

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