Frankly Speaking

I don’t know if I’m too late or early in posting this, but I saw the video of President Snow’s Panem Address, and I have to say I was somewhat happy about it. Many people like the Hunger Games series for Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Primrose, or maybe even President Snow; others like the messages of victory, hard work and selflessness weaved into the books. Some people may just completely dislike the series, and that’s fine too. I read The Hunger Games a couple of years ago, and the reason I liked it was not for Team Peeta/Gale, or the amazing skills of warrior Katniss. I liked it because it showed us a similar event from our past (Rome) and who we could turn into in the most extreme cases. The books displayed a variety of themes including oppression, poverty, power/downfall and the fight for the right to be heard. Yes, I felt the books treated these issues somewhat glamorously, but it was a start to introducing sheer reality in a fiction tale. I thought this ‘teaser’ for the upcoming film Mockingjay was perfect because for once showiness was not focused on. The focus of this was propaganda, which fitted the last book. Hopefully the movie maintains a similar image…

The video is attached below. Enjoy the clip!


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