Which Character From ‘The 100’ Are You?

Since the second part of the season finale for ‘The 100’ aired a few weeks ago on the 11th, it’s only fair that you finally get to figure out which character you really are. That’s what the quiz is for.

0THIS is where the quiz would have went, except for the fact that after hours of researching, I’ve come to the conclusion that WordPress doesn’t allow its users to copy and paste HTML embed codes into posts. Unfortunately, that means that instead of having a pretty quiz up here, I can only give you guys the link to the quiz. Here’s the link:

Which Character From ‘The 100’ Are You?

You can also find the link under the Quizzes page on the site. This is one of my “why did I move from Blogger to WordPress” moments…

Anyways, I took the quiz twice! I realize I know which answers will get me which character, but both times I went through it pretty quickly so I didn’t always know what I was choosing (the answers are always mixed up so that helps). The first time I got Clarke (whoo!) and the second time I got Bellamy! Not too shabby, huh?

Tell us which character you are in the comments below!

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