2014 – The Halfpoint

2014 has been a “happening” year for the world so far. We started off with a “polar vortex,” and things have only gotten more complex from there. The Winter Olympics occurred in Sochi this year in February, causing excitement and turbulent emotions at once. The Malaysian plane crashed in March and a South Korean ferry with many high school students sunk in April. But that’s not all. President Obama visited Asia, a major trip that has not occurred since his first term. The crisis in Ukraine occurred back in late November, and still continues on. India, the world’s biggest democracy (with over 1.25 BILLION people!) just had its largest election ever for prime minister, and the whole world will watch Narendra Modi being crowned on Monday, May 26th. And finally, a military coup occurred in Thailand on May 22nd. Maybe it’s me, but I have never seen so many good and not so good world events happen in just six months. And yet, it really shows how diverse and intricate our world is. 🙂


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