When I decided to join this blog, I had a sense of jubilation….it seemed pretty fun and creative. And now here I sit, wondering what to say and how to say it. Even though I’m in journalism, this introduction stuff is hard. I’m sure by now you’re wondering just who is it that’s making an entry into this wonderful blogging site.  In this realm, my name is Starsamaze, and I’m a novice. I’m definitely not as skilled as Preethi here, but hopefully I can impress you with my posts. Just what exactly will I be posting about? Honestly, everything! From the news to the weather, you can expect something completely random from me on this page. Knowing the many times we spend time questioning ourselves about the most strangest things, I hope that my posts can show that you’re not alone! All I would like to do is inspire someone to make a difference, and maybe even inspire myself to do something amazing.  I won’t be posting frequently right now, but over the summer, you’ll be seeing more of me on this site.



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