To Have A Blogging Buddy, or Not To Have?

One of my biggest wishes is that I could have a blogging buddy, someone as dedicated to blogging and as in love with literature as I am. It would be so fun to plan posts together, as well as separately. If you can’t think of something interesting to post, you have another brain to help you think of something. If you have nothing posted on the blog today, your partner might. It was with this idea that I started a blog called ‘Geekly Social’, in the hopes that me and an unnamed friend of mine could blog together. It was last summer actually, and I was influenced by the Disney movie ‘Frenemies’. That may sound immature to you, but I have never had a friend who has been with me through thick and thin, a friend who has known all my dirtiest secrets, and I craved that. I figured that starting a blog with a friend was a pretty good start, and so that’s what I did.

At the beginning it was fine. I decided to use a Blogger platform since you could find an unlimited amount of free themes for it online, much more than are available on WordPress. After searching for days and never finding one we both agreed on – the ones I liked were too girly or mysterious, the ones she liked too sexy – I just gave up on ready-made templates and made my own header and background. With a few amendments, we had a blog we both agreed on, and we were ready to post.

I was so excited on the first day and posted anything interesting I could think of. I’ll admit I was a bit Disney obsessed, and I believe that every post had some sort of Disney theme to it, whether a video clip or a picture. Still, the content was interesting and we actually gained 2 followers. My friend still hadn’t posted anything. I got bored of signing my name at the bottom of every post and eventually just asked her to post something. She came up with the idea of having a Quote of the Day meme, and I agreed. After some discussing, we decided both of us would do the meme, with us switching off everyday. So it sounded okay, and at least she was going to do something. Win-win, right? Turned out that’s all she did, and after a while, it ended up being all I did too. Sometimes it was me posting two days in a row, and it eventually became so boring I was wondering why our 2 followers hadn’t left us yet.

Now I’m not saying that I was the perfect blogging buddy. I liked controlling things too much. I had more experience with graphic designing and blogging than my “buddy” did, and I like things to be perfect. So basically what I did was keep urging my friend to post things when 1) she wasn’t really that interested in blogging and 2) our blog was a fail anyways. We didn’t think through any of it. Blogs usually have themes: fashion, literature, movies, product reviews. Our blog was basically a free-for-all. I guess I was just trying to hard, and my friend was just being herself.

So the big question: to have a blogging buddy, or not to have? Even with my not-so-great experience, I believe that a blogging buddy makes everything better. It’s always fun to talk to people with similar interests, so why not blog with one? A word of caution though, make sure both of you want the same thing, or both of you will be disappointed in both yourselves and each other. Everyday I’m on the lookout for the perfect blogging buddy, whether I’m in school or online chatting with people I barely know. All I know is that I won’t settle for a partner until I find someone who coincides with me perfectly.


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