Book Nerds Can Enjoy TV Time Too!

I will completely, unashamedly accept that for the past 7-8 years I have been a book nerd, and an obsessed one with that. I literally had no other hobbies. I read, read, and read some more until my eyes hurt so much it took me hours to get to sleep. And then the next day came along and I did it again. Summer breaks were only worse. If I did watch TV, the television would always be on Disney Channel, no matter what the time of day. It may sound like a miserable existence, but 1) it was actually quite fun, and MAJORLY aided in my ACT English and Reading scores, and 2) reading books is just as fun, if not better, than watching a TV series or a movie, because when we read, there is a movie of our own making playing inside our heads.

I will admit that it is just a tad unhealthy to focus so entirely on one thing that you do nothing else, and that’s where my friend comes in. One day while we were walking down the hallway on our way to our separate classes, she mentioned how she was obsessed with this TV series, ‘The Vampire Diaries’, and watched it in class the day before. While it did shock me that a person could basically watch television during class (I later employed this idea in one of my own classes), the main part of the conversation that stuck in my head was the TV show. I had attempted to read the book the series is based off of but gave up after the first 20 pages or so since the main character, Elena, was a brat. So I thought it was a great idea to just watch the episodes and be done with it. So one night, I casually watched the pilot episode of TVD and just like that, I had a new hobby. Reading was the furthest thing from my mind, and every night I’d stay up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, watching as many episodes as possible before I forced myself into bed.

What I am trying to say is that I’m sure that I’m not the only book nerd in the world. I’m quite possibly not even the only single-hobbied person in the world either. I’d like to try and convince the reading population that watching TV can give you the same experience reading a book can, since many shows aimed specifically at teens have plots that run parallel to those of the latest Young Adult novels. Dystopias, romances, you can find it all on TV. Last night I made a little infogram – inspired by Epic Reads – to help get readers started towards specific shows that coincide with the books they like to read. These are a few of my favorite shows – I hope you check them out!


Image-1If you liked Cruel Beauty because it is a fairy tale retelling and you loved the romance between 2 strong characters, ‘Once Upon a Time’ is the show for you. It features pretty much every fairy tale character you could think of, except they’ve been cursed to live in the real world, with no memory of who they are. And the witch who cursed the characters? None other than the Evil Queen. I haven’t gotten very far into the series – so far, there’s only a romance between Snow White and Prince Charming – but I’ve been promised that the main character gets her guy as well, all in good time.

If you devoured Alienated and the unique romance shared between a lovable human girl and a hot alien, then ‘Star Crossed’ was pretty much made for you. The fan base for both the book and the show seem like they would be almost the same; it’s almost like the author of Alienated is friends with the screenwriters of ‘Star Crossed.’ This show is still in it’s first season, so if you decided to check it out, you wouldn’t have much to catch up on. It airs on CW every Monday at 8:00 pm.

If Twilight and you go way back, then ‘Teen Wolf’ is nothing less than a must-watch for you. Yes, I realize it features wolves and not vampires, but the romance and the plot go in very similar lines. Some might even say that “Teen Wolf’ is more interesting. The first episode may seem too cliché or not interesting enough, but it picks up quickly from the second episode, and you won’t want to stop watching. The first two seasons have 12 episodes each, and the third season has 24 episodes. The next season doesn’t begin until June 23, so there’s a reasonable amount of time to begin watching it. Personally, this show is my favorite out of the three listed.

So what are you waiting for? Get away from that book and start watching some TV!



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