I Know It’s Cliché, But…

So I was bored at 3:30 in the morning today and just decided to write a little something. It’s not great, and might make absolutely no sense to you, but it’s not terrible so I decided to post it up here. One of my friends even said the piece is like, and I quote, a bunch of things that I’ve read before, put together. Hence the title. I hope you like the piece, and both positive and negative criticisms are welcome.

As soon as I walked out of the room, it was like all my senses attuned to him; the rest of the world, the gossip, the drama, the pushing and the shoving, it all just fell away. I was utterly in his control. And the worst part? He didn’t even know it.

Again I looked upon him while he stood in the middle of the hallway like he owned the place, talking to Aïsha, one of the “doubles”, as I like to call them. They’re not really twins; they just have the same name, personality, and worst of all, the chance, no, the confidence to talk to Roran. It isn’t just that he’s hot. It’s the fact that even though he hangs out with the “in” crowd, there’s something that sets him apart. If I had to take a guess, it’s probably his icy blue eyes that, when leveled upon you, seem to stare directly into your soul. Or maybe it is that he’s extremely hot, who knows? Whatever it is, it makes him stand out from everyone else. And even though I can’t say it’s unexpected that Roran would choose to hang out with the doubles, I really wish he would talk to me, or at least say hi.

I continue walking towards him, and he towards me, his attention completely on Aïsha. I know I look unassuming, almost bored on the outside; it’s a look I seem to level at everyone, allowing me to shield my thoughts without having to think about it. Over the years, it’s become my default. You won’t find me smiling absently in a hallway; I’ve tried to pull it off but I’m pretty sure I come off looking stupid.

Confident that my face isn’t displaying either my fear or my excitement at his nearness, I continue walking, waiting for the inevitable moment, the moment out eyes meet and we hold each other’s gazes just a second too long. I wait; he’s getting closer and closer. My eyes are somewhere in between, too shy to look directly at his face, but too greedy to keep him out of my peripheral vision.

All too soon, I’ve passed him, but surprisingly, there was no moment. No blush (on my part), no tension, nothing. And I’m sure there’s usually something every time we cross paths. It’s times like this that make me think the whole two way connection between me and Roran is a figment of my imagination, aided along by the many, many romantic novels I devour. Man how I wish I could be like one of those pretty girls who always gets the guy.

I inwardly sigh at my own patheticness. No wonder no one of the opposite sex ever tries to talk to me: I’m delusional. I roll my eyes at myself and head towards the physics classroom, disbelieving of my obsession over a guy who’ll never notice me. The hall is empty and I’m almost at the door when I feel someone breathing, right behind my shoulder. I freeze, too shocked to move. Every horrific thing I’ve ever read comes to mind, and I try to figure out the probability the person behind me is a paranormal hunk (and then mentally roll my eyes).

I take a deep breath and suddenly there’s a whisper at my ear, so quiet and deep I almost don’t hear it. I quickly turn around to see who it is but the hallway is as empty as ever. I shiver, then shake my head at the ridiculousness of the situation. No one would ever say that to me. It’s not like I’m the main character of a book. This, unfortunately, is reality.

Still, I replay the moment in my head. The deep voice murmuring “gorgeous” from behind me, in such a way that it seemed every fiber of his being was in exquisite torture . Hating myself for getting caught up in my fantasies – and consequently being late to class – I angrily run for the safety of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

But oh how Einstein would have rolled in his grave if he knew of the blue-eyed boy staring after me from the rafters…and of exactly which bend in spacetime he came from.


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