Divergent Craziness, and a Slight Obsession with Four

Ever since it was announced in 2013 that the movie ‘Divergent’ was coming out, fans everywhere have been going crazy, fangirling and fanboying about the actors and each subsequent trailer that was released. There have been complaints and praise arising everywhere, and no one really knew what to expect. Would the movie be good? Or would it be a disappointment similar to ‘City of Bones’, in many people’s opinions? Even citizens who had never heard of Divergent before saw ads in the NYC subway or the news, and it seemed even they were amped up and ready for the film. Of course, nobody who didn’t read the novel had any idea about what the movie was about; it was just obvious that people were ecstatic for ‘Divergent’, and of course no one wants to miss out on something that big.

While it’s expected that a teen sensation being turned into a film is something worthy of making persons around the globe go wacky, the movie itself wasn’t the main topic of conversation. No, it turns out Theo James stole the spotlight right from under the book. From the moment he was casted as Four, girls everywhere screamed for mercy. Even one of my best friends succumbed to this, and not a day went by without me hearing about how hot Theo was or how he was perfect to play Tobias. There was also lots of crushing on Ansel Elgort, who plays Caleb, Tris’s brother in the movie, but I’m afraid James was the more talked about of the two.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite so sure why everyone was freaking out about Theo. From the few pictures I saw of him – I live under a rock – he didn’t seem like someone to get too worked up about. Still, too appease my friend, I used an older picture of him from Downton Abbey in one of my graphic design projects, and I’ll admit that from there I had developed just a teeny crush on the man. Still, I preferred the Abbey version of him to the modern version, and wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from the movie. So while I wasn’t as crazed for Four as the rest of the female population, I DID have an insane need for the ‘Divergent’ film to release. As devastated as i was that I couldn’t watch the midnight premiere, I watched the movie as soon as I was able, and from the very beginning, I was waiting for Four’s appearance. 0

I don’t know when it happened exactly, but after seeing photo shoots of Theo and Shailene, and posters for the movie all over the media, somehow I yielded to the phenomenon that no human female could resist: Theo James. I feel like while I was watching the film, all I did was stare at Theo James. His eyes, his face, his lips…it was very obsessive, and possibly slightly creepy. Every time I hear someone talking about Divergent, I get a picture of Tobias in my head, and all I feel like doing is watching the movie again. And again. And again. I did pay attention to the rest of the movie as well, and while it was amazing, and much better than ‘The Hunger Games’ ever was, in my opinion, Theo made that movie. Now all I want is for the DVD to come out so that I can have a copy just for myself, to watch whenever I want, however I want, with whoever I want. That is literally my current life goal.

I honestly don’t comprehend the people who say the movie was terrible. I don’t say this often, but I think the movie was almost as good as the film. No it wasn’t better, but it was pretty darn close to being equal. People who watched the movie but didn’t read the book actually aren’t missing out on much. Of course, the best thing about the movie is actually that it managed to convince so many people to read the book when before they refused. It seems no one is free from Theo’s magnetic attraction;) I myself have been able to witness this firsthand. When I told a friend of mine to read ‘Divergent’ before the movie came out, she claimed she didn’t want to because everyone loved the book, which apparently meant that she would hate it. Then after watching the movie she came up to me and literally begged me to get her a copy of the book. I guess you could say I was pretty satisfied.

Of course, I do realize that people have their own opinions, and that many of them are different from mine. So tell me, which Divergent version was your favorite, or have you still not given into the worldwide craze?

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